The current economy is unpredictable at best. Some experts indicate a recession is fast approaching while others say recovery will prevail. Selecting who to believe is a gamble. Jobs and investments in established companies that fill an under served niche is a smart way to ride out economic uncertainty.

Essential Industries

Many manufacturing industries are experiencing decline but use of their products are still essential to daily living. The best example of this is the automotive industry. The demand for new vehicles is dwindling but people still require personal means of transportation to get to work, school, the grocery store, and other places.

The answer for this situation is the purchase of late model used cars. One issue that remains a problem for the general public is finding financing for buying vehicles. Traditional lenders, like banks and credit unions, will not approve people who have no credit histories, less than perfect credit scores, or credit problems in the past.

Thriving Lenders

Those who will not qualify for financing to get a late model vehicle are seeking dealerships that offer credit building programs to customers. These programs are possible due to private lenders, such as Consumer Portfolio Services, that buy contracts from dealers. These lenders are thriving because they are willing to take the risk and fill this niche in the car market.

Due to limited competition, most lenders have been in business for decades. Since a large part of the population is in debt, there is no sign that these services will be obsolete going into the foreseeable future. There are no guarantees, but jobs and investments in this area of commerce appear to provide significant security.


It is wise to apply for a job that will turn into a career with a lender that operates in several states rather than just one or two. The reach of the employer is a solid indicator of continued success regardless of which areas experience the severest economic downturn. Explore possibilities and accept job offers carefully.

Investors will want to explore different lending companies before making a financial decision. Examine the risks wisely to avoid losing large sums of money. The stock market is fluctuating wildly, and many companies are closing, so this may not be the time to invest in start-up companies.