Do you have a Volkswagen garage and you don't even know who you owe it to today? This whole started in 1937 by a certain Mr. Ferdinand Porsche. The beginnings were not easy, the problem was, as always, with the money. However, production financing was eventually solved and could begin to form. Do you know which of the Czech Automis was the inspiration for the first Porscheho proposal? It wasn't too bad how many of you had been stunked. It was Tatra.

How did it go on?

Already in 1942-only 5 years after the creation-Volkswagen was a sovereign largest manufacturer of passenger cars throughout Germany. A major change was made by the automobile manufacturer at 70. Years when models such as Golf or Passat started to be produced today. V 90. Škoda Auto joined the group and the rest of the story is probably known to you-in November 2009 VW becomes the world's largest automobile concern.