It doesn't matter that you're in a bad mood or rain or snow is falling outside. Radio Impuls
Tunes you in every weather and mood. In the morning you will be encouraged by Jitka Vlková and Honza Daněk, with whom you can play the game Hello, here impulses, you just need to register via your mobile phone or on the website. The next round takes the example of Vlasta Korec with Veronica Žilková. For example, Martin Košík is a pleasant evening. And everyone will play nicely in Czech.
Who tunes up, the mood does not spoil

Every morning and all day, evening even at night, tune in to Impuls radio. Radio with great moderators, Czech music, traffic information, interesting competitions, songs on request and shows, in which everyone will find something of their own. A radio that plays in almost all households, cars and jobs, even in cafes and restaurants.